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Locator and Tracker Track, Monitor and Locate eventually your assets, wards and pets.

Security systems and navigators have always been a necessity of human's life.

There is no over emphasizing the need to protect people, homes, businesses and sensitive data in today’s world where safety in all ramifications is being challenged everyday with millions of naira worth of assets and life being lost.

Hence there is need to at all time be security conscious and know the precise location and state of ones loved ones, animals, pets and assets. This can be achieved with our Location & Tracking Services.

What You'll Get With our tracking services, you will be able to:

Know the precise location of your automobile and when it's getting out of range of predefined area (Geo-fencing).
Get updated anytime, anywhere. Both on desktop and mobile.
Track and monitor your wards, herds, pets, and other items.
Failure proof tracking system based on varying communcation technology systems.

At RainesTech, tracking has never been easier and safer as we use various technologies to ascertain precise location and making recoveries in collaboration with the security agencies.

Locator & Tracker Service

Secured / Managed / Fool proof / Constant update / Respect for privacy